Welcome to 86 Legends

Welcome to 86 Legends!

You must be a 86 mania as you found this blog…

People who love sports cars know AE86.
In many sports cars, why we still love old AE86 so bad.

As you may already know that AE86 is a vehicle model number of 4th generations of Corolla Levin and Sprinter Trueno, introduced by Toyota in 1983.  Well known as the “Hachi-Roku (ハチロク)”,  Japanese for “eight-six”..Current the Toyota 86 is inspired by the AE86.


The special features of AE86 are balance and powerful  four-valve-per-cylinder engines(4A-GE engine) and the front engine and rear drive configuration layout(FR) and light weigh.
AE86 is a small car but the combination of all the great features,  made it well suited for cornering especially on the downhill by controlling slides through corner.
AE86 became popular and succeed in many rallying, circuit races, the sport of drifting.

The price was around $18,500 and it was a affordable sports car for young people.
As its simple structures, it’s easy to modify the suspension and people loved customizing their car to personalize the characteristics the their preference.
In fact many tuning equipment were available.
AE86 gave people the pleasure of owning and driving their car. That is the reason why it is still special car for many people like us.

86 legends is willing to help you to find parts you need.
I am not a mechanic professional but i have been spent 16 years with my 86(s) in my garage.
I am hoping to share my knowledge and experience with you and hoping everyone can have a great experience with your 86.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to 86 Legends

  1. Jack says:

    Hey, I was just wondering where that picture of the red rally ae86 is from, I can’t find a ton of info on it, all I know is that it raced one event in 1984 and was with the Cusco-advance racing team, that’s about it

    • Ryoko Fujihara says:

      Hi, Jack.
      Thank you for your comment. The picture of the red ae86 is from All Japan rally championship montres 1985 (JAF全日本ラリー選手権モントレ85 第10戦) in Gunma, Japan.
      Hope you can enjoy this video.

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